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Laser Therapy Watch

Laser Therapy Watch

Laser Therapy Watch

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  • Safe & Easy to Use: Turn on, relax, and enjoy the power of laser therapy in the comfort of your own home
  • Medical Grade Power Output: Class 3A Laser Therapy offers the highest power (irradiance) available on the market
  • Proven Therapeutic Wavelengths: Low-intensity laser with a wavelength of 650nm is clinically proven to have real healing benefits
  • Customized Treatment Options: Choose between low, medium, high laser intensity with a built-in timer


  • Blood Pressure: Laser therapy has been shown to normalizes blood pressure and blood circulation — helping you reduce your blood pressure without consuming medicines
  • Lower Blood Sugar: Low-intensity laser therapy purifies the blood so that the blood sugar and total cholesterol reduced and the insulin secretion back to a normal level.
  • Lower Blood Lipids: Laser therapy helps to increasing oxygen amount in the blood, boosting metabolism and enhancing the lipid peroxidation process to reduce cholesterol in the vessels.

Effectively Normalizes Your Blood Pressure.
The scientifically validated Laser Therapy Watch is perfect for heart attack patients, obese patients, smokers, alcoholics, older adults who want to naturally & effectively normalize their elevated blood pressure, it is the ideal cure!

Medical Grade At Home.
Laser Therapy Watch is equipped with the 3A laser therapy, a low-intensity laser with a wavelength of 650nm for more effective treatment, in less time.

How to use?

For power, It is divided into four levels.
For the time, It divided into 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, 40 min, 50 min, 60 min.

  • For serious patients (180/90) or higher, we suggest 30-60 min with the highest intensity, twice a day.
  • For normal patients (135/80) or higher, we suggest 10-30 min with the lowest intensity, once a day.

Laser Therapy Watch improves the oxygen-carrying capacity and formability of red blood cells, decreasing blood viscosity, reducing blood fat, reducing blood pressure and improving blood sugar, and eventually achieving the goal of hypertension care.

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